Canon MX492

Rating: 4.97 / 5

Device Details

Please find additional details in this PDF document: canon-mx492.pdf

Consumer Reports' Printers test program includes the Canon Pixma MX492. Printers—All-in-one models like the Pixma MX492 are graded on a variety of parameters in our lab tests, including the ones listed below. the standard of the text This metric measures how well a printer produced black text in a variety of fonts, sizes, and styles. Higher-scoring models create more consistent type, with sharper edges and smoother curves.
The speed with which you type This score represents the model's ability to print text on five plain, letter-sized pages in a reasonable amount of time. 30 seconds or less is considered great; 31 to 60 seconds is considered excellent; 61 to 90 seconds is considered acceptable; 91 to 120 seconds is considered fair; and more than 120 seconds is considered poor.
Graphics of high quality Our appraisal of the appearance of the printer's color graphics. On black and white graphics, black and white lasers were rated.

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